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What do you think about analogue? We would love to hear from you about your loves for film photography and everything related to it. Please share your thoughts on film photography with us through; all submissions will be published on Shooting Film in our My thoughts on film photography project.


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  1. About 1961, I got a Brownie style camera, shot a few rolls and then about 1967 I got a Instamatic. Loved taking pictures. When I joined the USAF and was stationed in Germany, every one was buying Nikon and Canon cameras. I was the oddball, I bought a Pentax Spotmatic SPII, which I still have along with several other Spotmatics. I still shoot it and love it. I couldn't wait to get a digital camera, that love affair went cold and I went back to film. Film holds a magic that is hard to describe. B&W film holds your attention because when you strip the color away, you have only the soul left, uncluttered by the distraction of color. Color hides emotion, clouds it, obscures it. Now that I am retired and digital has taken over, I was finally able to get enlargers, cameras etc for next to nothing. I now develop my own film, wet print/enlarge and have fun. I always wanted a Pentax 6X7, had to settle for a Pentax 645 w75mm and 15mm and flash for $225.00. So in closing my ramblings, I can say I love digital photography because I can now afford the good cameras of yesteryear, I've managed to pick up over 50 cameras, most for free. Wish I could find a good home for a lot of them. I'm willing to donate them as long as they are never sold and that they are used for the remainder of their usable lives. Keep film alive!

  2. My first film camera was (I still have it and shoot with it) a Fuji compact camera, with fixed lens, no focus mechanism and only one shutter speed (probably1/60). My father gave it to me for performing well in the studies and I was 14 yr old back then. The camera, being so simplistic, instantly grabbed my fancy for shooting and what followed was tons of reels got shot for many years; which almost forced me to pursue photography. As I matured my liking grew into serious love and passion and I began to self-study the techniques related to photography and started to explore it by shooting more and more. It was not long several companies have shut down their film-business (either production or processing) and film cameras started to find themselves into the cupboard. I shifted to digital photography from 2008. I bought a canon point and shoot and a canon 60D dSLR sometimes later. I was shooting almost anything and everything without the restriction of 36 films / roll, not worrying about the costs and sweat of developing and printing post shoot. Everything is instant now.
    But something was missing. Recently I got my hands on range-finder cameras. I got an Yashica MG-1 (45mm yashinon lens f/2.8) and went to Benaras. The moment I loaded the film (Kodak Ultramax 400) and took the camera in my hand something ignited within me. It is the fire of love for film which I bet every film-shooter has inside them and no digital camera can satiate it with whatsoever technology they come up with. The very tangible feeling of film is something different and cannot be explained in technical terminology. The entire trip was brilliant and how brilliant can be an old film camera in terms of image sharpness and ease of use; but that's a different story. The photos are coming up shortly and this is the first web-platform on which I will be releasing them.
    To end with I'll say a few more points that I think is relevant with this topic:
    1. shooting film takes me to the very basics of photography.
    2. film has made me more confident as a photographer where everything goes in-side my head before I actually press the shutter (digital photo-reviewing tends to draw me to review the photos again and again which I feel is distracting).
    3. the feel and touch of films are unmatched to me, it makes me feel that what I shot is indeed in my hands, literally.
    4. I don't consider film to be superior than digital or vice versa. Its just plain love.

    Best wishes to for providing a platform for film-shooters !
    Keep shooting, be happy.

  3. I cannot imagine my life without a film photography. It has been my hobby since I graduated from school.

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