Shooting Film is a daily blog for all things analogue: from 35mm, medium format to large format, color to black and white, negative to slide films, and even instant film.

If you've just picked up a film camera, check out these film photography links: how-to and guides & tips.


- Khánh Hmoong is the editor and founder of Shooting Film. He's currently living in Nha Trang, the most beautiful beach city of Vietnam. He shoots mostly film since 2010 with a Nikon FM and a Lomo LC-A. Khánh Hmoong is also well known for his ongoing photo project untitled "Vietnam - Looking into the Past" which was shot by a Nikon D90.

- Pankha Nguyen, a Vietnamese film shooter, is blogger and editor of Shooting Film based-in Nha Trang. He first got into photography in 07/2012 and since then has shot on film only. Pankha, also known as Pankha Nikon on Flickr, uses a Nikon FM and a Lomo LC-A as his two main cameras and shoots evething around.

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