Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ana Figueroa - 5 things I love about Film

Ana Figueroa is a 31-year-old Mexican photographer, born in Michoacan. “I study in Jalisco and now I live in Quintana Roo. For about 6 years I have practiced analogue photography and I will continue doing it until there are no supplies for it. I love making portraits, especially of boys.”

Ana has a lot of reasons to love shooting film, and here are her 5 main things that she would like to tell with us.

1. Romanticism. I declare myself a totally romantic girl. Many people confuse romance with love and even worse with being cheesy, for me being romantic it's something about feelings, to be aware of everything inside of me no matter what happens. When I take pictures I feel like in the dracula book when Lucy writes letters to her beloved and has to wait weeks to receive an answer. To feel the moment when I shoot, to feel the time that passes while I wait the development and to see the result, It seems amazing to me especially when the image is very similar to the desired goal.

2. Training. I've been training my eye at least 6 years, when I walk down the street I discover scenes and invent stories, immediately my mind thinks on frames, diaphragm and shutter. When I was in college, my audiovisual language teacher made a lot of emphasis on making the camera an extension of our body, thinking with the camera. Part of this training, beyond studying the phenomenon of light, has made me see a lot of cinema, study pictorial currents, read history, observe nature and practice spirituality. For me to do analog photography is mental therapy, helps me to connect with the world, see beyond and understand my reality.

3. Sound. The incomparable click on shooting, rewinding of the film and the creaking of the celluloid. Listening to the movement of the gears of the mechanism so small inside the camera is another thing that delights me when taking photos, also through these sounds I can identify if the operation of my equipment is correct or if something is wrong. The ritual of putting the film and feel the body of the camera is closely linked to the sound that is generated by adjusting the negative and make the first shot.

4. Spontaneity. Double exposure, haze, leaks, overlays or any effect/defect generated without intention is the consequence that you will never be able to obtain in a digital photo, of course you can imitate it but you will know that it is a lie and you will never feel the power of spontaneous error. I have been distracted and reused film forgotten somewhere, at the time of revealing I get cross stories, exotic colors and textures or when I drop the camera and opens a little, light penetrates a couple of seconds and is a very nice error, lines with rainbow colors.

5. Esthetic. The maximum of all those who likes art, especially photography. The essence of the image and its qualities such as light, color, composition, the eminent, the origin of pure feeling and its manifestation.

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