Sunday, December 18, 2016

Felix Machleid - 5 things I love about Film

23-year-old Munich-based German photographer Felix Machleid who was featured on Shooting Film for 1 year ago now coming back to share his reasons to make him love analogue photography.

1. What I admire most about analogue photography is the quality of film, the sort of vintage look and appeal. I am always captivated by the atmosphere - a particular kind of longing - analogue photos create. My personal photos try to capture moments that feel special to me and I try to convey these feelings to the viewer. I share my work because I want it to be the viewers' as much as it is mine.

2. Analogue photography to me is more personal, magical and honest. Compared to digital photography it just conveys more feeling, I think.

3. I like the momentum of not being able to control every aspect of the developed photo. Shooting film to me is always some kind of an experiment. I like to explore my surrounding and capture it on film. Most of the times it works out really well. There are times though when the camera or the developing process alter some facets of what I originally tried to portray. In any case I am excited right before seeing the final results.

4. Digital Photography has altered the relationship between photographer and his work and between society and photography. Digital photography enables us to capture an endless amount of moments, which are disposable at all times. I think the limitation of analogue photography is what gives each photo its individual value.

5. Shooting film somehow slows me down. I like to take a step back and enjoy the moment of imagining how the shot is going to turn out in end, not being distracted by other things.

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