Friday, December 9, 2016

Amazing Black and White Long Exposure Film Photography by Judass Priest

Judass Priest is an Myanmar photographer, recently lives in Singapore. “I started my photography journey at early 2013 with digital camera and 2 years later I switched to film. My first film camera is Leica M4-P (the meterless rangefinder film camera) and so I used to shoot without light meter.”

Judass loves to shot long exposure black and white photos only with medium format cameras. “After using Mamiya 645 Super for 5 months, I bought my last medium format camera, the legend Hasselblad 500cm. Yes, finally I've found my favourite camera.”

See more of his work at:

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  1. Great to see you published Judass, and good to to read a (little) of how it all started. Nice to see some new work too.

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  6. Beautiful black n' white photos. That guy got a talent. We on could probably use it. Can anyone give this photographer's contacts?

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