Thursday, November 10, 2016

Joella Pietras - First Roll of Film Ever

Joella Pietras is a New Zealand photographer, currently living in London. She has been taking pictures for 7 months. “My first encounter with film photography was on a vacation to Amsterdam where my boyfriend brought along his Olympus OMI camera and let me try taking a few shots. Immediately I fell in love with this camera and the whole process of film photography.”

Joella is also a law graduate. Photography is just her passion but always play an important part in her life. “I take photos wherever I go. The majority of my photos are travel pictures around the world but I always carry it with me if I find something cool throughout my day to capture. I can't wait to keep shooting pictures and trying different cameras, I have started using a Pentax film camera and I love how my photos have started turning out. I can't wait to try developing my own pictures as well that is my next task!”

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  1. Specially the river photo captured looks more ncie .