Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lennart Normann - 5 things I love about Film

Berlin-based German photographer Lennart Normann was just feaured on Shooting Film last month. He's coming back today to share with us his 5 main reasons to make him always love shooting film.

1. The craft. I really enjoy the act of loading film, the material, the sound. This continues while metering, setting the camera, focus, click, transport. Using my hands and the whole process, developing and enlarging make me feel much more like I really 'created' something.

2. The simplicity. No batteries, no wires, no computers, and no chimping. That simplifies a lot, from transport to the interaction with a model without 'beeps', blinking LCD screens, dying SD cards, or shooting a whole session without having one in the camera, or in opposite shooting 500 photos in 30 mins...Yeah, have fun choosing your top 3. Or "uh, where did I saved them-damn, the hard-drive crashed" and in a few years your whole archive is gone cause like floppy disc or mini-disc players the format will be unreadable... never rely on a computer.

Film is timeless, even after zombieapocalypse you'd be able to project a slide with a candle and some glass... and with less of the latent fear of damaging your fancy equipment cause film in relation to digital is pretty affordable and often more rugged, another plus.

And hey, your grandma was shooting film - how hard can it be?

3. The variety. There are so many types of film, formats, cameras, lenses, pinhole, instant film, DIY-redscale, self created lightleaks, playing around with detergents in the darkroom, expired film, cross processing, manipulating integral and packfilm shots, multiple exposures... It just never gets boring! The variety of cameras helps me keep shooting and working. If I notice myself that I am working decreasingly, I pick up another camera from myself and the joy comes back instantly.

4. The authenticity. Film is organic so it fits organic subjects. You get real negatives/ prints, not ones and zeroes. It slows me down, sometimes meditative, helps me to embark much more on my subject. Its feels 'closer to me', feels right.

5. The look. Of course the look! Grain, colour and tones, this 'depth', and no more burning white skies. I also can't see these 'filters' anymore. Trying to make a digital image look like a film image, write programs and apps for it, buy them, spend a lot of time in the post to add grain, fade, set curves etc. instead of actually shooting film.

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