Monday, October 24, 2016

'Details' - A Creative and Amazing Portrait Film Photography Project by Stefania Papagni

Stefania Papagni is a 24-year-old Italian-French photographer who is living in Potenza, a city in southern Italy. She was featured once on Shooting Film before and now coming back to share more of her amazing work in a film photography project called 'Details'.
“I never had a good relationship with my body, like almost all the girls. Every time I look at my reflection I find so many defects all together that sometimes I can not see anything good. So one day I thought I would not look all together those that I have always considered my imperfections and with the help of a mirror I discovered that taken individually, those details were not that bad. 'Details' is a collection of analogue self-portraits of some details of my body.”

See more of her work at:

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