Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Boozi Barak - 5 things I love about Film

30-year-old Jerusalem-based photographer Boozi Barak has been shooting for a long time ago and mostly on film. He joined with us in few film photography projects before and now coming back to share his thoughts about the reasons why he loves shooting film.

1. Anticipation. It's just so great from the moment you shoot the rolls till when you pick up the negatives and scans from the lab.

2. Atmosphere and colour. I can't really explain, it's all just perfect with film.

3. Giving a thought. I feel I'm learning more and I'm more patient while photographing film, it's really nice to wait for the right moment rather than just shooting unconsciously.

4. Mistakes. A lot of the time they turn out brilliant. and we should not be afraid of them and making mistakes cause good things can come from it, either a beautiful result, an idea or an important lesson.

5. Trust. I discovered while shooting the women portraits project, that when you shoot digital, the models always want to see if they look good on the screen and if the photos are pretty and with film they just need to trust you, cause you don't have the screen and it's fucking great! trust is really important when you shoot portraits.

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