Monday, October 10, 2016

'Swirling of Bodies in the Dream' - Creative Film Photography Project by Stelios Baklavas

Stelios Baklavas was born in Athens, Greece and studied photography in Stavrakos School. He works as a professional photographer and maintains a studio in Athens.

Being a member of the Chamber of Greek Fine Arts and of the organization for the Collective Management and the Protection of Photographer's Intellectual Property, Stelios has had 14 solo exhibitions and has taken part in 37 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Stelios was featured on Shooting Film about 3 years ago, and now coming back to share with us his other project called: "Swirling of Bodies in the Dream".
“I've been photographing dance for 18 years, and now came the moment for this joy to be converted to an aura of energy of the naked body. The naked body dances, and at the same time that it is there, before us, it simultaneously  gets transformed into a non physical entity. A trip to the magical world of the moment, and at the same time on losing that moment, a pass through a dimension of non-existence. At this interval we have the "Swirling", which shows us what exists, or what we think exists, and leads through secret passages of the image and the thought. The naked body, a tree trunk with several thousand years registered on it,  leads us to enjoy it’s uniqueness and the landscape of mystical energy that it offers, and to stretch our senses upon the waves of it’s oceanic beauty, and dive inside the uniqueness of our own existence ...”

See more of his work at his website.

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