Saturday, September 10, 2016

Júlia Brümmer - 5 things I love about Film

Júlia Brümmer is a Brazil-based photographer who was featured on Shooting Film for two months ago, and now coming back to share with us her reasons that make her love shooting film.

1. The quality of a physical product: Colours, grain structure and enlarging power. Beyond an analogue photographer I also work with colourful watercolour illustrations. I frequently notice a huge difference between physical pigments compared to a RGB image full made in an electronic device. The chemical composition of natural colour is much more intense and different in terms of variations of tones, which provides higher quality in the picture composition. Likewise, the organic grain structure that the film has provides me a more natural and emotional texture for my photos, even though the grain finish is extra fine I always noted that the photograph is not flat. This balance of textures and pigments provides me more quality when I enlarge my photos, especially in large scales, which I like it more.

2. More quality and less quantity: Advantage in the creative photography market. As I started shooting with digital and on fashion photography I noticed this change aggressively. When you work with film you cannot afford to always do more than once of the same picture, you don't have the possibility to stay in the comfort zone with a margin of error. This means balancing the photometry perfectly, the direction of the model, the styling, the production and all the ornaments, whether synthetic or part of the landscape. This package of things forces the photographer to pay more attention. Less photos but more well thought out is one of my philosophies of work. I'm not against technology, on the contrary, if I hadn't the negative scanner I cannot spread my work through the internet. I'm against the massification of creative stuff just because people are desperate to have results faster and faster. Imagine you having an Aerochrome roll on hands and be missing a photo after another, it would be unsustainable. Another point is the originality of you work, which becomes indisputable. Despite the costs that analogue photography involves if you mastered this type of process you already won differentiation. In my country I'm one of the few people working exclusively with analogue photography and just because I always have different and specific results this raises a multilateral interest in creative sectors, which constantly looks for unique portraits of everything.

3. The balance between freedom and control. After so many experiences working with film I came to the conclusion that the best definition of analogue photography for me is the balance between extreme freedom and extreme control. You can sink into adventures in many different types of processes, interventions with many kinds of substances, formats, films and colours, the creative range is infinite and never becomes boring because there's some kind of magic the surround the analog processes, that is the same magic that makes a photo appear in front of our eyes. However, if you miss a degree of temperature during the developing process or if your camera is leaking you can ruin all your work, the analogue photography is not a science based on the law of the error and is not always that will be a different and unexpected cool result, it can be converted into a very negative surprise if you don't be careful. Be part of each stage of the process is what fascinates me on film photography.

4. The art and image rights protection and the the preservation of a photographer's archive. I've had my photos plagiarized once and is not a really cool experience. Unfortunately, we live in an era marked by mostly digital results and is extremely easy to corrupt an original digital file. With films you can prove the authenticity and legitimacy of your work and your image property more securely. Another point is: the terrible computer viruses. I have friends who have lost practically all their photo files for viruses on their computers and hard drives. When you have a well-stored physical matrix you're out of this danger.

5. The technology of exchanging memories and moments. Many people tend to attach the analog photography to something necessarily old and outdated, but let's stop and think for a second: We are in 2016 and was even not invented a technological device such as Polaroid, only copies of this principle were reproduced. Today we took a million of selfies per day but we cannot touch in any of them, there is no sensory interaction. With an analogue instant camera you can take a picture and have it palpably in your own hands instantly, you can exchange a memory with someone. That's just indescribable and only film can provide you this specific experience. This is why I love film.

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