Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Andrea Kurjakova - 5 things I love about Film

20-year-old Slovakia-based self-taught photographer Andrea Kurjakova joined with us in a film photography project last year, and now coming back to share her 5 main reasons that make her always love shooting film.

“Anyway, I am really glad for taking photos with digital camera after such a long time, at least, I woke up to the reason why I love shooting film so much.”

1. A fear of failure. There is always the feeling you can do something wrong when you go fully manually and fully by yourself. It is a restlessness in my soul every time when I am loading film or setting my exposition and with every sound of a shutter. There is no way to be sure in your results. So there is the fear of your own failure and that fear I love so.

2. I need to make things with my hands everyday. That is why I choose shooting film. It gives me the feeling sometimes like I am not taking photos but making them. There is always something about hands in film photography.

3. I feel myself limited to the number of pictures I can take on film and it actually feels good. A film is still teaching me to be choosy and more thoughtful of what or how to shoot. It keeps my eyes wide open but the most of all it makes myself think about the single picture more.

4. A picture is done for me by shooting on film. It has the perfect everything. In most cases I have no need to do any changes, any post-process later. In this way I free myself from unnecessary work and hours spending tied up on my computer. I think it’s because the process in shooting films is inverse compared to the process in taking pictures with a digital camera. All the stuff we called post-process in a digital picture is what we do when choosing our analog camera and film. Ahead of time we decide about the format, the grain, the color... So the post-process in shooting films is done for me in advance.

5. I am in love with things that act as a reminder. There is the fact about film photography - what you caught on film is caught forever. A roll of film shots is my reminder of feeling and loving which lasts.

See more of her work at her Flickr.

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