Saturday, July 16, 2016

Stunning Fashion Portrait Film Photography by Lolo Bates

Lolo Bates is a Los Angeles-based photographer who recently graduated from the University of the Arts London with an MA in Fashion Photography. “My dreams were always to be a fashion stylist but as I was working in that field, I realised photography was what I wanted to pursue, so I moved from LA to London to begin my studies in photography. After experimenting with all types of mediums, I found analogue and polaroid were the best mediums for what I hoped to convey.”

Lolo focuses mostly on portrait, especially fashion. “Now I am also experimenting with Super8 for moving image and fashion film to supplement my photo work. As I am back in Los Angeles I plan to work with musicians as well as fashion.”

See more of her work at:

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  3. Amazing! though i cannot help but say some photos are a little creepy but that is the artist' style and surely the beauty of it. Looking forward to having you featured at one of our write-ups at soon. Great job!

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