Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Beautiful Film Photography by Aleksandra Pisarczyk

Aleksandra Pisarczyk is a Polish photographer who is now living in Great Britain in small town near London. “I started photographing about 6 years ago, but on film I photograph since about 1,5 year. Film photography was always something that amazed me, but I though it will be too hard. But when I started to notice that my digital camera isn't giving me what I want, I decided to try. I was learning by myself, I made a lot mistakes and first few rolls of film were completely awful. It took me quite long to learn how analogue camera works, but now I am happy because it was a really important and valuable lesson. But even when I didn't know how the camera works I knew what I want to photograph.”

Aleksandra shoots mostly portrait, nature, and moments. “I observe a lot and I always photograph what makes me interested or amazed. Recently I made my dream come true and I started to develop film at home. It was a big step for me, but I am so so happy now. It's like having your own small photo lab at home. I also like experimenting with film soaking, but that's another story and I'm not sure if I should expand on it.”

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