Monday, June 13, 2016

Cambodia in Film Photography by Alexey Ilin

Alexey Ilin is a Moscow-based photographer, traveler and journalist who started photographing in secondary school “when I got my first film camera, old soviet Zenit. Later my parents bought me a better film camera: Fujica AX-3, and I’m still using it with great pleasure.”

Alexey shot on digital mostly in last 7 years, but “recently I decided to return to analogue photography and resume my film shooting skills. I also prefer to develop my b&w films by myself and sometimes to print it in the darkroom, which is a really fascinating and challenging work for me. I like to shoot on film because it is a fully manual process where you can totally control and deeply feel every aspect of  making a photograph. In the nearest future I want to try to shoot with a medium format film camera.”

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