Wednesday, June 8, 2016

“What It's Like To Be Twins” - Amazing Film Photography Project by Alessandra and Stefania Papagni

Alessandra and Stefania Papagni are two 23-year-old Italian twin photographers who is living in Potenza. They both love analogue photography and like to capture with their pictures the moments of everyday life.

“What it's like to be twins” is a photography project produced entirely in analogue. The idea was born because “since we have memory, the question that people we are often asked, and which we never know how to answer, is: “what it's like to be twins?”. So one day there came to our mind a different way to answer this question: taking pictures of ourselves in our daily lives, so as to understand through the eyes of the beholder what it’s like to be twins, or at least for us.”

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  1. Your article and photographs are looks spanking . So thanks .

  2. Amazing articles & the photographer is nice.