Friday, May 27, 2016

Kel Burchette - First Roll of Film Ever

Kel Burchette is a 18-year-old New York-based photographer who has been taking pictures since her 13th birthday “when my mother bought me my first "real" camera, a Canon T-3. I upgraded to a Canon 60D a little bit before my 16th birthday, and continued to hold a steadfast fear of film photography. After taking a break from photography all together to pursue other interests such as writing and filmmaking, I sought to rekindle my passion and conquer my fear last summer when I bought a Canon AT-1 from the camera shop in the town near my boarding school.”

Kel has never taken a photography class, “so it's always been exciting to learn and discover new things about taking photos. I'm also very opposed to manuals, so much of what I do is based on guesswork, a brief view of suggested exposure settings, and most of all: luck.”

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