Saturday, May 7, 2016

Irene Moray - 5 things I love about Film

Spanish photographer Irene Moray has been shooting on film mostly and had her work featuring on our website 3 months ago. She has a lot of reasons to love shooting film and now coming back to share some main things.

1. When you shoot with film, photography itself becomes more of a ritual, it has some kind of magic element.

2. Sometimes I leave my films for months without developing, almost until I forget which pictures I took with them. When I see the results after such a long time, it is a real surprise, I feel like a kid opening my Christmas presents.

3. I don't feel the need of shooting many images. Sometimes just one shoot feels right already.

4. The texture is beautiful. Think of 120mm's just amazing.

5. I don't have to do all the digital postproduction, so I can spend my time doing the fun part and not staring at my computer's screen!

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  1. Photos and articles are looking wonderful , Thanks .