Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stunning Fashion Portrait Film Photography by Lebogang Tlhako

28-year-old South Africa-based photographer Lebogang Tlhako has been shooting mostly fashion portrait. She had work featuring on our website before and now coming back to share with us more of her work.

“I shot this series a while back and couldn't fully develop a narrative. I found myself looking at the images over and over again. I surround myself with the people I photograph and they set the tone of my work. I wanted a simple backdrop in order to draw attention to my subject-Remofiloe ‘Fifi’ Sebobe hense I photographed in the studio using my Canon 35mm camera. She has a flamboyant appearance and the way she puts her clothes together fascinates me. The colours,textures and weirdness of it all. She styled the shoot by the way. I used the extension cord as a prop more like a remote control, you press it and it changes just like how she would constantly change her hair. It’s amazing how it transforms her look completely.”

See more of her work at:

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