Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mishenko Andrew - 5 things I love about Film

Ukraine-based photographer Mishenko Andrew has been shooting on film for more than 2 years and had his work featuring on Shooting Film before.

Mishenko has a lot of reasons to love shooting film and today he would like to share with us his main 5 things.

1. Colours of course. Seems like it's a freeze frame from a movie. Seems like it's a moment that will be continued. Eyes always recognize colours from film photo, because it's true to life.

2. Depth. Even if you had crappy camera, photos could be deeper, than in digital. It's like film gives a third dimension to your frames.

3. Better. When you have a small amount of shots you don't waste 'em on things you wouldn't like. So it's always thinking in your head behind every photo, which I think is a key to a better photography.

4. Excitement. I always want for my photos to be better and better every time. I try different films: Kodak, Fuji, Lomography, Agfa, it's not just words for me. it's a certain textures and qualities I expect to get, when I load one of film rolls and there's excitement when you discover something new.

5. Perfect imperfections. It's like when you hear your favorite song live. Film Grain like a distortion of the guitars, dust of the scanner like a vocals tremble. Do you fell the same?

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  1. The last one photo looks more nice form others . The lake photo looks excellent .