Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jamelle Bouie - 5 things I love about Film

Washington D.C-based political analyst, and photographer Jamelle Bouie has been shooting on both film and digital, but mostly with film since last year, and had his work featuring on our website last month.

Jamelle has a lot of reasons to keep his passion on shooting film and he's now coming back to share with us his main 5 things.

1. Film rewards patience. I'm young, and grew up with digital photography, which rewards speed and quantity. Take as many photos as you'd like, it doesn't matter because each photo, in a sense, is "free." Film has slowed me down as a photographer. Forced me to take each shot more seriously because, once the roll is finished, that's it.

2. Film is a great teacher. For myself, at least, learning photography is as much about understanding your equipment as it is framing and composing a photo. Using older cameras—even cameras without built-in light meters—has really helped me understand exactly what I'm doing in a technical sense with my photos, which in turn, helps me be more creative.

3. Film loves imperfections. If I have a blurry digital photo, I get rid of it. But with film, I pause. For whatever reason, I can live with the inevitable imperfections. They have character too.

4. Medium format is incredible. I don't know what else to add here? I didn't even realize medium format was a thing before I started shooting film, and now I'm in love with it and the detail you can achieve. My portraits with medium format are some of my favorite photos, even if they aren't especially good.

5. Film is fun! All photography is fun, but the technical challenge of film combined with the anticipation of waiting combined with the wide availability of incredible cameras and gear makes it especially fun. I've had a blast shooting film, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.

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