Monday, March 21, 2016

Tom Sebastiano - 5 things I love about Film

48-year-old London-based photographer Tom Sebastiano is a familiar face on Shooting Film who has been shooting on film mostly with both 35mm and 120mm formats, and joined with us in few film photography projects before

Tom has a lot of reasons to love shooting film and today he's coming back to share some of them.

1. Timing. Film photography slows me down, because a roll of film is finite it helps me to concentrate. Taking time to see the value of a potential shot makes me a better photographer.

2. Anticipation. In the space of time between shooting and seeing my imagination has time to reflect on what might have been captured.

3. Look. Nothing can beat the beautiful look of film, be it black and white with its moody grain or smooth warm tones or the incomparable colours of different film stocks with their various distinctive signatures they are a joy to work with.

4. Physical. Film is real it's physical, it resides on rolls and in cans, gets wound on and off cameras, onto spools and into chemicals, it's hands on.

5. Cameras. Finally, all the most beautiful cameras use film. From the classic Rolleiflex TLR's to the Leica Rangefinders and countless others. They are simply wonderful machines with their excellent optics and lenses and are such a pleasure to hold, use and own.

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