Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Luz Soria - 5 things I love about Film

Barcelona-based Argentinian photographer Luz Soria has been shooting on both film and digital. Her work focuses mainly on portrait and was featured on our website once before.

Luz prefers to shooting on film than digital. She has a lot of reasons to keep her work on film and wants to share with us 5 main things of them.

1. First of all, the importance of accidents. I believe they are those facts we can't avoid, an accident is the most punctual thing in the universe. It always gets in time, and we don't know anything about it until we see its consequences. The analogue picture is the amazing and beautiful proof of that.

2. Film is that place I can give encounters a chance to be. I usually work with double or multiple exposure, or with reflections, allowing two or more things that in “reality” are not together to meet each other inside the image. In addition, we know they leave physical signs: the light that have touched that scene, is the same light that now touches the film (and maybe is the same light that gets into your eyes while you see that picture). And those two pieces of light, those bodies, objects, subjects, moods, emotions, that maybe have always been wishing to know each other, they will finally meet in that magic land: the frame.

3. You can't compare the picture you've just taken with that portion of “reality” that inspired you in some way. The picture gets its own value, without any possible comparison but only with some kind of memory or thought or feeling (and most of the times, as an inverted process, that picture suggests a new piece of reality, like a new memory).

4. The strength of light. Light gets throw the lens and reaches the film. I like to imagine that travel, a way full of obstacles, from which light gets small pieces and wakes and sparks, and deposits them on the film. It's like a game: in the picture we will easily see those lightnings that won the career, while the most fragile ones will be shown in some delicate and kind of secret way, dancing slowly inside the frame, and if you pay the deserved attention, they will express those things we usually can't see.

5. In contrast to digital, with film nothing is a dead place or an empty space. Even the frame division is like a breath or a sigh worth of being heard or seen. Those halides, exposed, not exposed, or swept, will always leave a hint. And the “badly taken” pictures, sooner or later, will reveal their magic too, luckily we can't delete them as easily as digital.

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