Monday, February 22, 2016

Sofia Podestà - 5 things I love about Film

24-year-old Rome-based photographer Sofia Podestà has been shooting film to make experiments of film styles and analogue camera formats, and had her work featuring on Shooting Film last month.

It's also the main reason why she always loves shooting on film, but not the only one.

1. I love the grain of the film and the effects that it can make. They give to the photographs a real sense of memory as we were a child. I think the film photography throw us back to the old times.

2. I like the way you have to study the composition. You don't have a lot of chance of shooting as the digital, so when you take a snap and it comes out as you wanted, the pleasure is great.

3. I love to experiment with expired films and "film soups". The development process becomes a little magic, because you don't know which colours and atmosphere will come out.

4. I love the waiting time before looking at your works. It is the exactly opposite of the digital photography and modern times, that everything is quick and "right now".

5. I love the way that the film photography makes every photo a handmade work.

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