Monday, February 29, 2016

Interesting Street Photography by Lauren Matarazzo

Lauren Matarazzo is a 22 year-old America-based photographer who comes from Red Bank, New Jersey. “I am 22 years old from Red Bank, New Jersey and currently taking time off of school and work to travel before starting graduate school. I started shooting film almost exactly a year ago.with a Minolta X-700 given by my grandma and began using it for a introductory film photography course I took at NYU, where I went to school.”

Lauren loves to travel and has been shooting on film mostly. Her work focuses mainly on street, nature, and friends. “I didn't even know how to load film into my camera when I started but I learned quickly and fell in love with the process of shooting and developing my own film. I began by shooting things that were familiar to me, that carried a lot of emotion. Slowly I started to incorporate things from the outside. I just recently spent 5 months in South America where I only shot film. It was an amazing experience and solidified my love for film photography. I plan to continue shooting and experimenting with film a lot more in the future, this is just the beginning!”

See more of her work at her Tumblr.

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