Monday, January 11, 2016

Lorenzo Zandri - 5 things I love about Film

23-year-old Rome-based photographer Lorenzo Zandri who was just featured on Shooting Film for 2 months ago now coming back to share with us interesting reasons that make him always love shooting film.

1. The waiting for the developing process. I don't like Wharol as a photographer, but he said once: “Having a new film to develop in the morning is a good reason to wake up” : it's damned real and it's the best part of this game.

2. Handmade print. I love choosing with care the best shot above all the frames, finding the best way to print it on the negative photographic paper. Showing the imperfection and the natural grain of the film is the best thing of the analogue approach.

3. The meditation of the shot. I love waiting for the right perspective for my subject, catching the best moment to shoot.

4. The sound of the camera shutter. I think it' the best noise I can hear during the day. Clack! That's a great melody... and then I turn the ferrule, ready for a new shot.

5. The film fragrance. Yeah, it's a little bit weird - haha - I know! But I love the smell of the roll film (especially if it's a little bit expired!), keep pushing in the camera & developing it!

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