Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bartek Malinowski - 5 things I love about Film

Poland-based photographer Bartek Malinowski who is living in Gdynia and has been shooting film since March 2015. He has been featured on Shooting Film once before and now coming back with us in another project called 5 things I love about Film to share more of his work.

1. You are limited to certain amount of frames. It makes you think more and each frame is precious to a photographer.

2. The intimacy of film photos cannot be matched with digital cameras. They just feel so natural, so pure and authentic.

3. Finishing the roll of film and waiting for the final results. Also the feeling of holding a photo in your hand. Not a jpg file, an actual photo.

4. All those different cameras you can use with 35mm film.

5. My photos could be out of focus or overexposed, but even with those mistakes I can find something interesting and worth seeing in them.

See more of his work at:

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