Monday, January 18, 2016

Stunning Landscape Film Photography by Sofia Podestà

Sofia Podestà is a 24-year-old Italy-based photographer who comes from Rome. “My work is mostly focused on mountain and travelling. I've passed all of my summer holidays in the mountains since I was a child, exactly on Dolomites in the north-east of the Italian Alps, and growing up I found out my passion for the photography that had helped me to love mountains even more.”

Sofia is also an art student. She loves to photograph wide spaces to recreate a kind of sense of agoraphobia, and to show how tiny is the human kind in front of the stateliness of the nature. “This sense of the huge spaces I like to recreate it even in the places where I go , even if are not the mountain landscapes. I'm shooting film to make experiments about the results of the expired films and different camera formats.”

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  1. Photo shooting places are looking natural . Like these very much .

  2. Beautiful scenery you have captured just amazing guy .