Monday, January 4, 2016

Amazing Cross-processed Landscape Photography by Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy is a 32-year-old American photographer, based-in Chicago, IL. “My father taught me to shoot and develop black and white film when I was a child, using his Nikkormat FTn. Photography was an important creative outlet for me as a teenager, but after he died (in 2004) I stopped shooting film altogether. Last year, my dear friend and fellow  photographer, Kelly Marciano gave me her Canon FTb and several rolls of film. This incredible gift helped me reconnect with my love of film photography, which has been truly transformative. I have not stopped shooting film since.”

“As a graduate student, I study Himalayan Buddhist art. My research entails yearly trips to northwest India, where I use digital cameras to document Buddhist sites and rituals. In that context, I use photography to record what I observe as accurately as possible. For me, film photography provides a respite from this careful documentation and intellectual analysis. It provides a creative outlet, a way to privilege aesthetic experiences. When shooting film, I do not try to capture a particular time or place. I try to evoke the mood or feeling I experienced in that moment. Although I also shoot black and white and color print film, this is one reason why I like cross-processing film. It produces these dreamy, other-worldly effects that further distance the image from 'real life'.”

See more of her work at her photostream on Flickr.

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  1. Even when your eyes are scattered expanses of unprecedented beauty and it seems that it is enough just to lift the camera and it will arise the perfect image ... stop. And think. Look at the area through the lens, turn to one or the other direction, change the angle, move the horizon line, try to include additional elements in the composition. Im professional photoeditor using great HDR tool for my landscape photos, but this advice i always remember when doing some photos

  2. Excellent job . Great thanks for shared this post with public .