Friday, January 8, 2016

'6th Street Bridge' Black and White Film Photography by Dominic Joseph Anderson Medina

Dominic Joseph Anderson Medina is an American photographer, based-in Los Angeles. He first got into photography in last summer with a point and shoot camera “that I would use for work when shopping the streets of Asia, Europe, or at home in Los Angeles.”

Dominic is also a designer who started shooting film for some months ago with a Pentax K1000, and now with a Nikon FE and a Canon III. He loves to travel and shoot everything to document the moments.
“I wanted to share a series of images, pertaining to the closing of the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, CA. It's a sad case, since it's as noticeable in movies, as the twin towers were, before 9/11. So many films in hollywood, commercials, music videos, etc. have this iconic Bridge used in their shots; however, due to a 70% chance of the bridge going down, and if a big earthquake happens, is the cause for the city to demolish it.” 

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  1. So wonderful to see these . Like and appreciate your post . thanks .