Monday, December 14, 2015

Helin Can - 5 things I love about Film

16-year-old Istanbul-based photographer Helin Can who was just featured on Shooting Film last month now coming to share more of her work in another project called 5 things I love about Film.

1. Every photograph is a surprise, you can never be sure about the results.

2. Hearing the sound of the shutter and knowing that there's a permanent proof of what I've just shot.

3. The special feeling I get when I see my photos for the first time, all alone.

4. Choosing film, selecting the destiny and the colour of the next 36 photographs at once, which can also be a surprise if you haven't used the film you bought before.

5. Shooting a roll with such a great passion, spending time and all that money on the film itself and bathing, scanning and printing, but at the end, when you look at the results, being able to say that it's worth it.

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