Thursday, December 17, 2015

Earl Perez - 5 things I love about Film

22-year-old Manila-based photographer Earl Perez first got into photography for 5 years ago, but has been shooting film around 1 year now and had his work featuring on Shooting Film for more than 1 year ago.

Earl has recently shot on film mostly, he has a lot of reasons to keep his love for shooting film and would like to share with us 5 main things.

1. It makes me think before I shoot. Using an analogue camera is not a joke.... It has no screens, it has no delete button, it has no manipulating program in it, there's no automatic settings. Film forces you to think  because there's no LCD screen that will tell you that your shot is either over exposed or under exposed. With that for me I think it's a good practice to use my thinking skills of how I would mix the ISO of the film to the aperture and shutter speed of the camera. Unlike in digital, how many times are you going to take a shot of a single scene or adjust the ISO, aperture, shutter speed just to get the right exposure and timing? In film there's no delete button. So it'll force you to think before you shoot and you're only going to depend on a single ISO. Film is all about think! think! think! and Yes and No.

2. More hard work. For me film takes a lot of hard work than shooting in digital, from buying of films and equipment to processing and printing the photos. To make this short it's just like traditional painting vs. digital painting. Obviously traditional painting requires more hard work. (Readers don't be offended. It's my opinion and my point of view).

3. It's fun! Exciting and Surprise! I think shooting film is way more fun than shooting digital. Because you get excited whenever you finished a roll of film. And there will always be a surprise whether you got your shot or not. There's this quote that Mang Dong (Camera repair specialist) said to me that I will never forget "Kung gusto mo sumaya sa photography, mag film ka. Oo, Magastos pero aanhin mo ang pera kung hindi ka masaya" (In English: "If you want to be happy in photography, shoot film. Yes, it takes a lot of money but what is money if you're not happy").
That's what I really love about film it makes me happy.

4. Film gives more emotions. I guess many film photographers would agree to this. There is something about film that puts more emotions to every single picture that you take. I can't explain it myself... Some say it's the grain. Yeah I would agree to that... but there is something more that digital doesn't have/ can't do...

5. "Film is real, digital is cheap". I guess I'd agree to this quote... If were to buy a photograph on a photo exhibit I would choose a film shot over a digital one. It's worth it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the post. "Film is real, digital is cheap" I think it's true in some cases, such as taking a photo by film is much harder, but say digital is cheap, it's wrong. There are many beautiful and valuable photos are taken by digital camera, many beautiful moment can be caught by digital camera... Although film is amazing, the photos are really great, digital is also.
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  2. These are looking awesome . I appreciate your post .