Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beautiful Film Photography by Udi Naor

Udi Naor is an Israel-based photographer who is living in Tel-Aviv. “I studied cinema at Tel-Aviv university and started shooting film about two years ago when my girlfriend found a Nikon FM in her parents basement. It was an immediate connection. I began collecting cameras and it became a very big passion for me. Although I have others I'm absolutely in love with the Nikon and so far I've been mostly shooting with the Nikon and a 50 millimeter lens.”

Udi is actually a full-time musician and drummer. Photography is just a very big passion and he has been shooting on film only. “I'm part of a band called theAngelcy. We are touring Europe quite a lot so I get to be in a lot of new places and be in a state of intrigued observation. I find film photography more magical and the results are much more warm, interesting and surprising.”

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  1. I see film photos are always stunning . So much thanks for this posting .