Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wonderful 'Iceland' Film Photography by Felix Machleid

Felix Machleid is a 22-year-old Germany photographer who is studying medicine and philosophy in Munich. “I have been interested in art and the whole process around it since I was very young. I used to draw, make collages and shoot digital photos up until last year. One day I discovered my father’s Minolta X-700 in my parents closet, who then gave it to me as a present for my birthday. Since then I have fallen in love with analogue photography, and taking it with me on every trip and journey I have made so far.”

Felix loves to travel around and shoot wonderful landscapes, street, and people. “My photos are memories of places and moments that really mean a lot to me. I love getting lost in big cities, losing my breath when looking at incredible landscapes and the excitement about exploring something unusual. Film photography became my medium to capture these feelings.”

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