Thursday, December 3, 2015

Stunning Nature Film Photography by Eva Garmendia

Eva Garmendia is a 25-year-old Spainish photographer who is doing Ph.D. in bacterial evolution in Uppsala, Sweden. She first got into photography with a compact digital camera, but “at some points I got curious about the old system and analogue photography. People kept saying that analogue gives you something that you cannot get with digital. By dusting off my father's Minolta SLR camera I dove into the world of chemistry and light and I was enchanted. I liked the feeling of shooting analogue, but also I was in love with the looks of the cameras and now my shelves at home are full of them. A new camera, a new way of shooting, a new experimental setting.”

Eva currently shoots mostly on film. Her photography focuses mainly on nature and landscape. “The idea that a single moment in this never-stopping time could be preserved forever was what drove me towards photography from the start. I love that with photography, a moment, a place, an experience, or even a feeling can be saved, shared and remembered. I enjoy seeing photography as a way to stop time. Taking a look at my photographs, I can say that I feel attracted to symmetries, geometries and abstract looks. I seek the balance in my pictures, and I also like to create special compositions with the elements available so they make the viewer stop and think.”

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