Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Film Photography by Ethan Cassidy

Ethan Cassidy is an Australian photographer, based-in Perth. “Although I have not been shooting film for extremely long my love for it surpasses digital by a long way. Experiencing the ways pictures were taken before I was born holds a special spot in my heart and I will never forget looking at the photos from my first rolls of film from my Nikon FM. Having to think about each photo as you take it, plan the shot, exposure, focus and the overall feel you are after is extremely enjoyable and hearing the solid click as the shutter closes makes me that tiny bit happier every time I take a photo.”

Ethan has been shooting with both film and digital. His photography focuses mainly in nature and street.

See more of his work at:

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  1. How mind blowing scenery . A lot of thanks for this posting .

  2. Those are breathtaking pictures that appeal to me because of the light and sure because of nature. I will certainly do my essay on Art of Photography.