Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thea Bosso - 5 things I love about Film

Thea Bosso is a 22 year-old Italy-based photographer who is living between Milan and Turin. She started photographing when she was a teenager, and has been shooting with both film and digital, but mostly on film.

Thea who was featured on Shooting Film once has many reasons to love shooting film, and she would like to share with us her main 5 things here.

1. The feeling when you get your prints from the lab, or you look through old photos.

2. Printing my own black and white negatives. Spending the night in a dark room (in my case it's the bathroom) and watching the image slowly emerging on the paper.

3. The way film photographs look. I think they look different and I love it.

4. The fact that you can't take the picture as many times as you want, so you have to think about it and plan it carefully, making less room possible for mistakes.

5. The mistakes that inevitably happen sometimes are surprisingly beautiful.

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