Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Cellist

Cello is one of the most playing difficult instruments. The cellists are always required the high concentration, very well-skill, and precision to the millimeter while performing.

el_110 by cary norton

AR85600_AR85600-R1-E002 by Alicia J. Rose

Montmartre Busker by harry.kontos

GBYO_Baltimore, 2008_Center Plaza, 2008_Cello_Bessa-L_15mmHeliar by hookstrapped

Emily Jane White - Woodstock Boogie Bar - 19/10/08 by Ludovic Macioszczyk Photography

Cello by saviorjosh

Jammin' by Beny Shlevich

ezza rose band. by Megan McIsaac.

Untitled by Bafic.

sxsw 11 by xgray

Dorota Barova by Dmitry Chertousov

Orchestra by M_NGN

strings and wind by 0rwellian

Devil's Plaything by Daniel N. Pestana

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