Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stefanie Walk - My Thoughts on Film Photography

31-year-old Berlin-based photographer and videographer Stefanie Walk has been photographing since she was a kid with both 35mm and medium formats, and had her work featuring on Shooting Film before.

Stefanie is now coming back to share more of her work in another project named My Thoughts on Film Photography.

Since I was a kid I'm running around with cameras, documenting the things and people that I care about. I had a phase where I only took atmospheric pictures. It was about colours and shapes in nature. I tried out all different sorts of 35mm and medium format film cameras and I do have my favourites now

In my mid twenties, pretty much around the end of my studies, my interest in the subjects massively changed and I started to take portraits of people. In Berlin you are surrounded by craziness and beauty.

More and more my art became not only focused on people but also political. Some of my close friends are having a hard time with their legal status in Europe. As a female artist I experienced a lot of prejudice against my gender.

My latest pictures are about identification and identity - seen through some sort of specific beauty filter in front of my eyes.

Since I'm also rooted in some independent music circles in Berlin I compose and shoot music videos and create artworks for records and posters. I would love to do that on film too, as I shoot almost all my pictures on film, but unfortunately it's a luxury, even Super 8 has almost disappeared and gotten a high cost adventure. I love Super 8 though, makes you consider very well how to spend those 3 minutes of film.

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  1. Impressive to see you job here . Such adorable job always satisfied me .

  2. Your posts have more meaning for me. thanks for sharing.