Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Noir Under - 5 things I love about Film

Noir Under is a 33-year-old France-based photographer who is living in Bordeaux. She has been shooting film since spring of 2014 and has never stopped this passion.

Noir has a lot of reasons to love shooting film and she wants to share 5 main things of them.

1. Back to the future. My two cameras are almost 70 years old and still working hard. What about your current digital camera in 70 years? Film is the past and the future.

2. The crush on the grain. Don't tell me you could get the same with Photoshop, it's a waste of time.

3. Think! Think! Think! When I started shooting film, it completely changed my way of taking pictures. I need to measure the light with a lux meter, and the fact I can't see the pictures right after the click obliges me to think.

4. Vintage looks nice, as I am a big fan of the 60s and even before.

5. The 5th thing I love about film is people are passionate enough to create a topic called "5 things I love about Film".

See more of her work at her website.

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  1. Feeling impressive . A lot of thanks for shared these on public .