Monday, November 2, 2015

Camila Guerreiro - 5 things I love about Film

Camila Guerreiro is a 33-year-old Brazilian photographer who is living in São Paulo. She has been shooting film for about 5 years and her work focuses mainly on everyday life around her.

Camila has been featured on our website once. She has a lot of reasons to keep her passion on shooting film and here are 5 main things she would like to share with us.

1. It's always better than you imagine. Always. The surprise of how the film will turn out makes the places and the feelings so unreal and most of the time it looks like the photos were taken from the fairy tales of my mind. I am always amazed by the flaws that bring life to the images in a way I couldn't ever imagine. For me, analogue is a way to write poetry with images.

2. The ritual of photographing analogue is beautiful. From the opening of the film package, to the insertion in the camera, the slowing down and really thinking about the photo, the fear of losing that moment, not capturing it on film or the possibility of the developing going bad, the surprise when you see the photo for the first time. It's a constant holding of breath. It's a constant letting go and taking back.

3. The feeling that it gives you with the colours, the grain, the light leak. The nostalgia. It always feels like you're looking at a place you lived all your life and missed so much, or a person you didn't get to see for so long and now you can finally hug them. It feels like home. I can't feel that when I look at digital photos, because for me with digital it's a lot more about the perfection of the shot than the moment.

4. The acceptance of things you can't change, and learning to work with them. Like, sometimes (at least for people that carry a camera everywhere and make still life photos) you know a different film would change the photo completely, make it better, more colourful, more light...but you work with the film you have in your camera in that moment and most of the times, you get more than you expected.

5. The connection from you with the people and the places you shoot. Because of the slower and more caring process you get to talk to people, to see details that maybe you wouldn't with digital photography. You get to share stories, to catch that look in their eyes when they are sharing those moments with you. Without all the lights, all that perfection, all that's left is their real themselves. It's all about the real feeling and moment. It's a beautiful and addictive thing.

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