Monday, November 23, 2015

Fantastic Film Photography by Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson is a 16-year-old American photographer who currently lives in Stockholm for an exchange program. “I love multimedia and do a lot of painting and poetry as well as photography. I bought my film camera about two months ago and so far I absolutely love it. What makes film extraordinary is the lack of control over how the photo will turn out. Analogue feels so organic and authentic to me with the entire process centered around light.”

Sarah has been shooting on film only and most of her photos focus on street and still life. “I aim for my photos to look just slightly out-of-reach while feeling timeless. I'm infatuated with the 1960’s so that really inspires my style and I aim to shoot that which is subtly beautiful rather than what is obvious and glamorous. I like to take pictures of that which you could walk past everyday without really noticing how lovely it is.”

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