Monday, November 2, 2015

Portrait Film Photography by Fernando Callo

Peru-based photographer Fernando Callo joined with us in several film photography projects before and now coming back to share his new series called On Their Side, in which he shot Daniela Benavente who is now his girlfriend in his apartment.

“I shoot these photos in my apartment at 10 in the morning. I was very relaxed, very calmed and so Daniela. We were playing around and talking until I decided to take my Pentax K1000, loaded it with Kodak 400 and snapped some frames. She started to behave natural, as always, and then it started to flow. That's why I really like to work with her as I feel no pressure, fear or embarrassment. We finished in a couple minutes and I kept this film for about 2 weeks until I could develop it. It was worth the wait.”

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  1. Good photo expressions . Feeling inspired to see these photos .