Saturday, November 7, 2015

Portrait Film Photography by Fabricio Schmidt

Fabricio Schmidt is a 34-year-old Germany-based photographer and visual artist who is living in Karlsruhe and Cologne. “I've been shooting with film since 2003, first with Polaroid, but then mainly with 35mm. My main cameras now are several Prakticas and a Leica III. I shoot mostly in colour with Fuji, Kodak and old Agfa films, but sometimes also in black and white with Agfa and Ilford films.”

Fabricio participated in events, groups, and solo exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Germany and the USA. He shoots mainly portrait, street and urban scenes. “I want to show how life is fleeting, but also that people move during their life, that people have multiple layers that are placed over old layers. But you can always see the traces of the layers of the past, nothing is forgotten.”

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