Saturday, October 3, 2015

Silhouette Buildings

Silhouette photography always bring to us a peaceful feeling. Photos with subjects in silhouette are like wonderful paintings.

And here is a small analogue photo collection of beautiful silhouette buildings.

Paris Skyline by tim.perdue

The Manhattan of Closing Credits... by Trapac

Magic hour by N@ncyLee

Grandview Sunset by **Sean**

Untitled by Seren Coskun

this is why i love film by megalime

Untitled by ana-mercedes

silhouettes [Tri-X] by grauphilter

Untitled by JC.Murphy

Silhouette of Midtown by Adam Garelick

A Red NY by Alev Takil

September. Furious sunset over the Moscow River ... by Andrey B. Barhatov

Eiffel tower black and white by barnimages

Sunset in Istanbul by Jungle_Boy

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  1. All are looking brilliant here . I appreciate your job .