Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I, Me, Myself, and My Film Camera

Here is a funny collection of self-portrait analogue photos called "I, Me, Myself, and My Film Camera".

sixtythree by arianaescamilla

847 by

Malanga Inspired by ColonelMustard&MadameDijon

Multiple Personalities by aehmge //grainyard

Rock and roll. by PJB-DENLANYC

diamond rings by Walter Valentini | "Fedor"

Craaazy self portrait by slightly-less-random

shadow self portrait with sparse daisies and plentyful buttercups by pho-Tony

multiple by yellowplease

retrovisor. by Alma Vogler

Triple Shot by nDman

I Said Good Day | LC-A+ by Derek Corneau

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  1. This is an excellent job .. I appreciate your post here .