Saturday, October 17, 2015

Helsinki - One of the most Wonderful and Livable Cities in the World

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. It is in the region of Uusimaa, in southern Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is located north of Tallinn, Estonia, north east of Stockholm, Sweden, and west of Saint Petersburg, Russia, so it has close historical connections with these three cities.

Helsinki is known as one of the most wonderful and livable cities in the world.

helsinki by zbigas

Viikki by Juuso Lehtonen

Untitled by 夏先生

street by marmite.k

Bathe in the Sun by Purple Field

Untitled by boysandcars

penkki by nurpax

Pruum Pruuuum by prof.bluesmush

Aleksi by *Julius*

Helsinki by natasha simba

waiting for the sun by cHr1st1an S images

Untitled by hyppoka

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