Thursday, October 29, 2015

Brandon Aguilar - 5 things I love about Film

America-based fine-art photographer Brandon Aguilar who had amazing work featuring on Shooting Film last month now coming back to share interesting reasons that make him love shooting film, although he has been shooting with both analogue and digital.

1. Of course, its unreplicable look. There is something so utterly organic looking about a film photograph that it triggers a sense of familiarity each time I stare at one. It reminds me of the hours spent looking through boxes of old photos of events I can no longer remember. It reminds of my sister playing around with her Polaroid camera, taking embarrassing shots of me when I wasn't paying attention. It just reminds me of life.

2. I love how film will always knock me down a peg or two. I have a huge ego sometimes. I think that I know it all. I enjoy film because sometimes I feel I will never truly be a master of it. I'll never know the next time I load a roll of 120 film backwards, or over develop because I wasn't watching the timer. So many things can go horribly wrong! And I love that.

3. I love how long the process of film photography is. From the moment you decide what camera you are going to use that day, all the way to the last scan of the negatives. My job really sucks sometimes. It provides me an endless amount of stress that can sometimes be unbearable. Film has the power to take me away from that; to get my mind off of the things that don't need to matter. I'll always be grateful that I have that escape.

4. I love how much closer it brings me to my subject rather than worrying about getting the "right shot". We all know that film photography slows us down tremendously. Making sure exposure metering is correct, getting the area you want in crisp focus, the list goes on and on. This helps me with noticing that fragile moment in time that many people miss because they are too busy checking their digital camera screens to see if they captured what they thing they are looking for.

5. The feel of holding a film camera. There is something about the shutter on my Mamiya RB67 that just resonates throughout my body. I even find myself firing it without any film in it just so I can hear that beautiful sound.

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  1. Really lovable things . You are well-done .