Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Interesting Film Photography by Meltem Elmas

Meltem Elmas is a Turkish photographer who is living and working in Ghent, Belgium. She obtained a BA in graphic design at Anadolu University, Turkey in 2010 and received a MA in Fine Art from LUCA School of Arts, Ghent in 2013.

“Both technically and visually my recent work may best be described as neo-pictorialist. I mainly work with self-made pinhole cameras and throw-away cameras, which I often manipulate with sellotape and sandpaper. This allows me to create in my photos an atmosphere similar to the effects of a soft focus lens. I also play occasionally with the ‘double exposure’ technique, using a negative film or dia-positive twice as a canvas. Through these particular uses of different cameras, I wish to both explore the many possibilities of analogue photography, and to emphasize the (un)reality of taking/making a photo.
Another key element in my photography is working with ‘lost and found images.’ I enjoy using them in new compositions, allowing new narrative associations to arise. Visually my work is emotive. My purpose is not to capture objective realities, but to both give form and evoke memories and feelings.”

Meltem had her works exhibited in various Belgian art galleries.

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  1. Looking wonderful these job here . Thanks a lot such nice film photographs .