Saturday, October 31, 2015

Beautiful Nature Film Photography by Florin Radu

Florin Radu is a 39-year-old Romania-based photographer from Brasov, but now living in the French Alps in a beautiful town called Chamonix, at the foot of Mont Blanc. “My first contact with photography was on my childhood where my father, an amateur photographer, taught me about cameras, film and how to process them in the darkroom, at that time bathroom was used as this one. He used a Russian Kiev 2, the perfect copy of Contax and passed to me.”

Florin, also known as Flow Ra, used digital for a short period of time for few years back, “I was never happy with the results so I've returned to film photography for my paid projects. My photography is about everything what is around us ...places, family, friends, life, feelings. I love double exposure and the result after. That's the thing about film photography, the buzz in the stomach waiting to see the result.”

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  1. All of these are looking awesome . A lot of thanks for this posting .